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    The Rochester Academy of Irish Dance Parent Association was formed in 2017. We are a 501c3 with a primary focus on fundraising for the purpose of aiding the Rochester Academy of Irish Dance students to promote and foster the culture of Irish Dance. We will help to support the educational and competitive experiences as the dancers compete locally, Nationally, and Internationally.

Executive Board

President: Christine McMillan

Secretary: Kelli Roj

Treasurer: Kelly Gawronski

Fundraising: Daniel Mohrman

Board Members

  • Mariana Barry

  • Jeanne Allen

  • Lisa McAlee

  • Linda Walworth

  • Kelly Merritt

  • Barbara Watson

  • Kristine Flannery

  • Ken Gilbraith

  • Kristen Nolan

  • Christine Broomfield (Non Voting)

  • Sandy Oswald (Non Voting)

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